Monday, March 26, 2012

Laughter is the shortest distance between friends..

This week the stems in Casa Urbanstems were for our little Gem.
The Gem being our daughter and the special occasion being her Confirmation day. 
One wellington boot from a few years back when my little gem was even littler which I thought was quite fitting for this special occasion and I filled it with cherry blossom from the bijou plot ..
Some extra light on the occasion with
Two candles and the cutest little white box that the lovely Miss PP gave me and I filled it with
rosemary, fatsja berries, moss and some pink waxflower.
And a little pot filled with pink stock, rosemary, pink waxflower, moss
and a rose. 
"Laughter is the shortest distance between friends"
how fitting this card is as it's our monthly flower party. 
Head on over to  'Flowers in the House' at Jane's.

Friendship, laughter and flower magic guaranteed.

Photo source my own Urbanstems


  1. Sweeeeet! Love the card and flowers. And how funny your cherry is blooming at the same time as ours

    So glad you joined in, it isn't the same without yo.

    xo Jane

  2. oh! You live in Dublin, lucky you is a beautiful city!
    Very nice flowers :)

  3. Love the fleurs and love that quote - how true it is! x

  4. Everything looks pretty and happy!

  5. so the flowers in the boot!! xxx

  6. How lovely! Blessings to your little gem on her confirmation. Your photos were delightful!


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