Monday, February 4, 2013

Flowers in our House..

stems of rosemary freshly cut from the plot
and stems of dried hydrangea from the plot last summer.
We also have lots of aches and pains in our house so
 I didn't get to the florist had to make a call to the doctor instead!  Antibiotics, tlc and rest on the cards for the babies of Casa Urbanstems.  Jane save me some of that coffee!
photo source my own Urbanstems  


  1. Oh sorry to hear that. Hope everybody heals quickly.

    I love your choices. Then and now.

    xo Jane

  2. Sorry to hear your household is ailing, but your flower photos are so sweet. I love the rosemary in the little jar tied with a ribbon.

  3. Hope those bugs don't hang around too long!
    Rosemary is always my go-to greenery in the winter too. Aside from the fact that I always seem to have acres of it, I love big jugs of it inside! Take care, Amanda x

  4. Hope you are all better soon. I seem to remember rosemary as being a healing herb so I hope that will help. Just looking at it makes me feel better.

  5. What plot is that? Always love rosemary.

  6. Sorry you are under the weather. The rosemary is charming!

  7. Yes, I agree with Amanda - Rosemary is always a winner. Lovely.


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