Thursday, June 27, 2013

A walk in the park...

...I met a squirrel on my morning stroll.  I didn't think I had a problem with squirrels but apparently I do, as I noticed my heart rate bumped up and I had visions of this squirrel jumping on me and hanging off my hat! I'm blaming 'Over the Hedge! (see link below if you need reminding!) 

Fear not I have read Bill Byson's book 'A walk in the woods'. Bill did this massive walk in the U.S. and had to research what to do if he encountered a bear on his long ardous walk. So I took these bear skills I learnt and made some noise, clapped my  hands and the squirrel wandered off, rather slowly I might add.  Maybe he was confused that I thought he was a bear!??!

photo source my own Urbanstems

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