Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flowers in the House June 2013

I have not been on my blog much and I have posted randomly and have been hiding over at Pinterest or Instagram. The song Video killed the Radio star springs to mind - change a few words and you get the jist. These sweet offerings are for Jane over at Small but Charming.  A virtual gift as I live across
the pond.  If I lived nearer I would bring freshly cut hydrangeas from my plot, coffee and some cakes.

If flowers are your thing head on over to Flowers in the House..

photo source my own Urbanstems

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  1. You are too sweet, but I would love your company of you lived closer.

    I am though very happy to accept this sweet virtual bouquet.

    Welcome back. Linger a little longer...

    Guess I'll have to find you on Instagram!

    xo Jane


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