Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweet dreams

and calming influences in our hallway with a pot of Lavender and a sign to our favourite beach 'Spanish Point'.  Unfortunately this beach is in the West of Ireland and I am in the East..I'm saving for a taxi if I get desperate!
Rusty hydrangeas on the fireplace..
See you over at Jane's for the flower festival of 'Flowers in the House'. In fact I may just bring a pot of honeyed carrot soup taking the theme of Autumn to another level...but I am not too sure how that would go down as apparently it is hot and humid over their parts!  Click here for the link to the recipe


Photo sources my own Urbanstems 


  1. Yum...Honeyed carrot soup is welcome any time... Regardless of the heat and humidity! Gives us a promise of the crisp Autumn days to come. The flowers are lovely and taxi money for the beach is a definite necessity! One never knows when a respite at the beach is required...better to be safe than sorry. Oh my, I just noticed.. Is that wallpaper in the background? Looks amazing! Smiles ...Susan

  2. Well I will happily join you for a bowl of soup as our weather is distinctly revolting today. Spring has decided to vacate for a few days it seems! Love your bits and pieces in the hallway especially the wallpaper. x

  3. Lovely hydrangeas, and in such a jolly yellow vase! I hope it brings you cheer till you get to Spanish Point.

  4. Honeyed carrot soup sounds delicious. Pretty pictures!

  5. Well the soup looks so delicious I will click on the recipe...as soon as it cools the hell down!

    I love that yellow vase. Story please.

    I'm liking dropping into Ireland every month.

    Keep partying!

    xo Jane


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